What are the symbols and features of the hot germs game

What are the symbols and features of the hot germs game

October 15, 2019 Off By ticklishfish295

Did you like to play the hot germs game? Then there are lots of symbols and features which increase the attraction of you towards the hot gems game. Hot gems are one of the slot based game in which there is five video slot and which has the twenty-five pay lines which are fixed. It is the technique of the play in which there is no wonder that why the graphics and gameplay are over the standard. As the namesuggests the game is related to gems.

There are slots which show that the theme of the game revolves around the gems. While you are playing the game firstly there is slot beginning in the starting which shows you the main character of the game.

Symbols of the game:
The elements in the game are generally designed to suit the main action of the game. There are different types of gems which is of the lowest and highest value gems. The symbol of the lowest value gems is consists of different colors which is of the yellow, Purple, brown and blue. While the symbol with the highest value gives all the information about the game.

Thenthe game Hot Gems offers the scatteredbonus and wild symbols also which is very profitable and providing you the lost of symbols to collect them and manage them. The symbol of the bonus is easily recognizable as it contains the information about the games which are free to play.

Features of the hot gems game:
The most important feature is the collapsing feature of the reels. The scatter symbols of the game do not provide any time of bonus to the player. It only provides the cash prize for the player who hasmanaged to get two out of these. If you get them first and then you get the thirds and fifth thread of the game regardless of the place. The game of the bonus is very beneficial and it gives the chance of the winning the game combinations and as a result of which is the big win for you.

The slot of the game is of 3D form which makes the whole game process very interesting. Another great form of the game is simple and looks pretty. This is the perfect option for the players who want to choose the online game.